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Graeme Codrington's Future of Work

Feb 13, 2021

Prof Jim Dator's Second Law of Futures says that any useful idea about the future must appear ridiculous. In this episode we investigate the power of ridiculous ideas to help you and your team innovate, and why we don't use this powerful technique more in our organisations. 

Jan 17, 2021

Leaders need to rethink the issue of control. 

The Future of Work podcast will include audio versions of webinars with leading experts on key issues to provide insights into the future and resources to make it a reality today.

This episode is a conversation between Graeme and leadership expert, Keith Coats, on the...

Jan 5, 2021

Different industries were impacted in vastly different ways by Covid and Lockdowns in 2020. Whether an industry was devastated, or whether it had the best year ever (there are more of these than you imagine), there are four things that all of the most successful companies in each industry did. These four things will set...

Dec 27, 2020

The launch episode of the new podcast from Graeme Codrington and the team at TomorrowToday Global. This podcast is about anticipating disruptive change and preparing for it today, learning lessons from organisations that are doing it best. This podcast is for leaders and their teams, for organisations and individuals,...